The TESA Professional Enrichment Program (TPEP) formerly known as Staff Training for Effective Management (STEM) is a professional development program designed for educational support personnel. The TPEP program is sponsored by the Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc. (TESA). The program was developed in cooperation with the Texas Education Agency, Texas Association of School Administrators, Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association, Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, Texas Public Community/Junior College Association, University of Texas and other professional educational associations. The original program was funded through an ECIA, Chapter 2, and Section 277 grant.

The TESA Professional Enrichment Program (TPEP) program is also available for presentation to educational personnel.

TPEP Consultant Training is offered to TESA members who have earned the CEOP distinction and completed the necessary process for becoming a consultant.  For more information on how to become a TPEP Consultant contact the TPEP Chairman.

We are so pleased with the number of members completing their TPEP Certification. There are many details that go into the processing of your TPEP paperwork. This process can take 8 – 10 business days. Please be patient; we are as excited as you and will complete it as soon as possible. Thank you.


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