Membership in the Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc. shall be of five classes: active, retired, associate, honorary, and institutional.

All educational support personnel working in public, private, or charter schools; Educational Service Centers; or higher education (colleges or universities) in the State of Texas shall be eligible for active membership.

Members who retire while in service shall be eligible to become retired members upon payment of one-half of the annual dues. An associate membership may be purchased by anyone not eligible for active or retired membership.

The title of honorary member may be conferred upon any man or woman the organization wishes to honor.

A past president who leaves the field of education, retires, or otherwise becomes ineligible for active membership shall become an honorary member. A retired past president may choose to pay retired dues with voting privileges.

Institutional membership is open to school districts, colleges and universities, and educational service centers.

Membership in the organization shall be terminated by nonpayment of dues or resignation.

Active and retired members shall have equal voting privileges.

During each election for the Executive Board, members entitled to vote shall have the right to vote for as many persons as there are board members to be elected and for those elections for which they have a right to vote.


For more information on becoming a TESA member or membership questions, contact Diana Rodriguez, TESA Membership Chairman.