Nelda Van Dyke

  The passing of a beloved TESA Past-President,neldavandyke

  Nelda Van Dyke, 1919 - 2021


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A Message From Our President

Greetings TESA Members,

I am truly honored to be serving as your 2020-2021 TESA President. I never imagined beginning my term under such unusual circumstances. With all the turmoil around us, we all can use support and encouragement to unite us all. Therefore, I have chosen as my theme “Unity Through Diversity”. All our backgrounds, experiences, needs, and skills make us a diverse group of members. But we are united in providing the best support possible to all of the students and staff we faithfully serve at our Educational Entities throughout the state.

My logo is a visual representation of my theme. The different colors symbolize our diversity, while the prism unites us into one color or goal. Every aspect of our work life places us in a position to either give or receive assistance with the task at hand. TESA can be the focal point in guiding this assistance (like a prism guides the light) thus uniting our diversity. The resources and networking opportunities available through TESA can help you develop your skills but more importantly your confidence and, in time, place you in a position where you can give back by sharing your knowledge and talents with your fellow TESA members.

Please know, with the help of your TESA Board and Committee members, we will strive to find ways to strengthen and add to our vast resources throughout the year. At the same time, we ask that you share your diverse ideas and talents with us. We need your continuous support and suggestions to grow #TESAstrong. I am delighted to be serving as your President with Sharon Mena, President-Elect, serving as my most valuable confidant, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Remember, there are many roads to the same destination. There is no wrong path, however, some are more scenic and enjoyable than others. Together we can discover these uplifting trails, share them with each other, and truly demonstrate TESA’s “Unity Through Diversity”.

Felipe Campos, CEOP
TESA President 2020-2021

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