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Welcome to the Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc. (TESA) website. This is the only national association that represents, serves, and offers professional development for office professionals working in any educational setting, from preschool to higher education and even state departments of education. Our association has a rich history, dating back to 1951. Since that time we have been dedicated to providing outstanding programs for educational office professionals across the state through our STEM Program, locally sponsored TESA Area Workshops and our outstanding Summer Work Conferences.

I have been going through mixed emotions as I start my year as 2016-2017 TESA President.  I am honored and humbled that you have placed your trust in me to lead this great association.  I am also excited and nervous…excited to serve TESA and all our TESA members; and nervous for the unknown, the uncharted waters that we may encounter this year.

I have chosen “TESA - A Winning Team” as my theme for the 2016-2017 year. For those of you that know me well, know that I love to play softball and that I am always pushing for Teamwork!  Teamwork builds unity!  No one can do things alone…it takes a team to accomplish great things, not only on the playing field, but in our jobs and in our homes.  President Elect, Teena Hancock and I look forward to working with the “team” that has been assembled to lead TESA this year.  We will work side by side with the Executive Board and Committees to insure that that we offer the best opportunities for our TESA members.  We know that this “team” will do great things with our member’s best interest at heart.

Even though we are in August and only a little over 3 weeks into our TESA year, a lot has been going on.  The 2016-2017 TESA Executive Board and Committees have been working hard setting goals, “team building” amongst each other and striving to meet the tasks assigned to them.  The Summer Work Conference and STEM Committees have begun making preparations for the upcoming year and will be meeting in September to start the planning for the 2017 TESA Summer Work Conference.  Our STEM Committee is also hard at work “lining up” STEM sessions throughout the state to help our TESA members continue their professional development, receive their CEOP or keep their CEOP current. 

My TESA friends, throughout the coming year I will be encouraging our Board and Committees to work as a team for the benefit of our TESA members.  I encourage all our affiliates and members to work as a team as well.  We are going through some hard times economically and we have had to make some tough decisions in TESA, mostly with budget cuts.  However, with everyone’s support and teamwork, I know that this will not have a negative bearing on us, but bring us closer together in working together as a team and thinking and doing things “outside the box”.

If you have not renewed your membership, I strongly encourage you to do it NOW!  One of our budget cuts will affect the magazine.  The Fall Issue of the TESA Connection will only be mailed to those individuals who are current TESA members.  In the past it was sent to those who were members at the end of the previous year.  With that said, please renew NOW so that you don’t miss out on receiving a copy of our great magazine.

Also, I know it’s early, but start making plans to attend the fabulous 2017 TESA Summer Work Conference on June 20th-24th at the Omni Southpark in Austin.  Your 2017 SWC Committee is already “throwing” ideas around and are ready to put together an “out of the park” conference for you!

I look forward to serving you in the upcoming year and if you have any ideas for us, please contact myself, Teena or any of the Executive Board members.

Wishing everyone a successful year!

Lisa E. Gonzalez, CEOP   

TESA President 2016-2017

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