Responsibility - It is your personal responsibility to see that our profession goes forward in education. Education is changing as our work is. We need to accept this responsibility of adapting to these changes.

Expectation - We can reach our expectations through our united efforts. Our goal to be recognized as professionals can best be reached through our Association.

Advancement - Our advancement in professional status can best be pushed through joint effort. Other associations have demonstrated the need to have a strong association. Only through your efforts can we have a strong Association.

Satisfaction - TESA creates wider horizons and broader views for all members. The personal satisfaction a member can find in working with such a group is beyond measure.

Opportunity - There is an opportunity for YOU, each and every one of YOU, to help TESA reach its goals. ONLY YOU have the opportunity to do this.

Need - TESA has a very definite need for you, for your help, and you have a definite need for TESA. Never let it be said that you as an educational secretary or office professional, are allowed to cry and weep over your position and status if you do not put forth the effort to move forward. 


If you have questions in reference to membership, please contact Teri Baldridge, Membership Chairman.