Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc.
TESA Professional Enrichment Program (TPEP)
Course Descriptions 

 REQUIRED COURSES:                                            
Basic Communication  
(6 hrs.)                                                                                                               
An overview of communication including a survey of the communication process of verbal and non-verbal skills within the professional context.
Effective Workplace Practices
(6 hrs.)

 Participants learn and review essential workplace techniques including composition and mechanics of written communications, grammar, workplace management, and the development of a procedures manual.

Interpersonal Communication
(6 hrs.)

Participants are taught an awareness of the listening process as well as identification and utilization of appropriate levels of response to the messages of others.


Managing Change
(6 hrs.)                                                                                                                            
Change is all around us, and our ability to adapt, manage, and facilitate change has an impact on both our professional and personal lives.  Through this workshop participants learn skills that will help turn the challenges of change into possibilities for success.
Personality Profile
(6 hours)

Participants will complete a Personal Profile.  Communication styles are analyzed and skills are developed for better communication.

Professional Growth Plan
(3 hrs.)
Participants discuss the goal-setting process and develop personal plans of action for specific goals.
3 hour Courses
Assertiveness Training Establishes the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviors. By discussion and role-play, participants are taught to use their abilities and self-image to protect their rights and the rights of others in a positive manner.

 Dialogue of Diversity An examination of stereotypes and prejudices regarding culture, ethnicity, and gender. Participants learn to appreciate the differences and deal effectively with all individuals.

 Leadership Skills & Team   Building This class is a discussion of leadership qualities, the relationship between personality types and leadership styles, and communication and goal setting as they relate to leadership.

 Presentation Techniques

Designed to provide strategies and teaching elements for successful presentations.
 Professional Image Creating and maintaining a professional image is discussed.  Workshop includes public relations, time management, attitude, communication, and dress.

 Spelling & Proofreading Reviews basic spelling rules and correct word usage. Teaches techniques used by a successful proofreader.

 Stress Management Reviews causes of stress in daily life and discuss methods for adjusting attitudes and/or environment for a less stressful life.

 Time Management Covers time-saving techniques and a guide to better utilization of time.

6 hour Courses
Assisting Difficult People Participants develop techniques for problem solving and communication skills for managing conflict.

Business and Social Etiquette   Business and social changes throughout the years have resulted in an inconsistency in what was and what is acceptable etiquette today.  Participants will learn etiquette skills that are relevant in the workplace and in their social life.

Business Grammar/Letter Writing This class is an in-depth review of business grammar and techniques of business letter writing.

Exceptional Customer Service An extensive session emphasizing the importance of creating positive perceptions with internal and external customers, techniques to improve listening skills both in person and with telephone calls as well as improving customer service techniques.