We, the members of the Texas Educational Support Staff Association, Inc., hold that the primary purpose of the clerical, secretarial or instructional assistant is to assist, as a team member, in developing citizens who will safeguard, strengthen, and improve America, and that we can best accomplish this purpose when we:

Show faith in the worthiness of our vocation by industrious application to that end and assume all professional obligations thereby incurred.

Recognize that the public schools belong to the people of the community and sincerely strive to inform the public on the educational program as presented.

Are loyal and cooperative with all members of the team, and share in the task of shaping each student's purpose and acts toward socially acceptable ends.

Keep well informed of the school functions and its policies and have a current understanding of education and its problems.

Respect the community in which we are employed and be loyal to the school system, our co-workers, community, state, and nation.

Refrain from discussing confidential and official information with unauthorized persons.

Seek to establish a friendly and cooperative atmosphere in the area in which we work.

Deal with other members of the profession in the same manner as we ourselves wish to be treated.

Maintain active membership in our professional organizations and attain the objectives of these groups through active participation.

Aim for continuous professional growth by study, research, travel, and attendance at conferences and professional meetings.

Seek to make the educational profession so attractive in ideals and practices that we may attract capable and dedicated personnel.


Adopted:  04/25/1959

Revised:  08/2002