Alta Francis *   1951-1952
Fannie Billings*   1952-1953
Louise Ealy (resigned)   1953-1954
Newell Burke *   1954-1955
Ada Childers *   1955-1956
Helen Bechtel *   1956-1957
Tom Langston *   1957-1958
Charlyne Collier *   1958-1959
Jane Fuller (resigned)   1959-1960
Fannie Billings*    
Rita Cox *   1960-1961
Frances Wilson *   1961-1962
Frances Wilson *   1962-1963
Chris Browning *   1963-1964
Lorene Rogers *   1964-1965
Ann Chastain *   1965-1966
Ann Chastain *   1966-1967
Louise Shepherd *   1967-1968
Helen Morrow * "I" of TESA, Interest, Innovations, Implementations 1968-1969
Janette Ryan Challenges of a Changing World 1969-1970
Lorita Koehler *   1970-1971
Mildred Bennett What's the Big Idea? 1971-1972
Kitty Brelsford How Will I Measure Up? 1972-1973
Nell Bostic Greater Interest Through Total Commitment 1973-1974
Maryellen Coldiron *   1974-1975
Mary Catherine Dodson Let's Evaluate 1975-1976
Marilyn Taylor * Chart Your Course for Smooth Sailing 1976-1977
Joyce Francis   1977-1978
Jean Faulkenberry Face the Future Together 1978-1979
Nelda Van Dyke Walking Tall With A Purpose 1979-1980
Hazel Fyffe Together We Build 1980-1981
Martha Nicholas Reach Out TESA 1981-1982
Elaine Reynolds We Hold the Key to the Yet-to-be 1982-1983
Bea Crawford Opportunity Knocks…Education Answers 1983-1984
Sarah Hargrove Reach for the TESA Star With Me 1984-1985
Mary White Building Excellence with Professionalism 1985-1986
Frankie Passmore Soar to New Horizons with TESA 1986-1987
Pat Suber Dedicated to Excellence 1987-1988
Bonnie Turney TESA…Excellence in Action 1988-1989
Sandra Walker TESA, Accepting the Challenge 1989-1990
Marilyn James Celebrate the Challenge 1990-1991
Rosemary Graves TESA, The Professional Difference 1991-1992
Sandra Pair TESA and You, The Bridge to Professionalism 1992-1993
Vada Childers TESA, A Slice of Excellence 1993-1994
Jackie Price * TESA, The Heart of Education 1994-1995
Virginia Harvey TESA, The Key to Professionalism 1995-1996
Carla Stringer TESA, Stars Shine 1996-1997
Willetta House Yes We Can 1997-1998
Donna Adams Rise Above the Clouds 1998-1999
Velma Reyes TESA's Future-A Brighter Tomorrow in the 21st Century 1999-2000
Bettye Ruth Wilson Upward With TESA - The Heart of Excellence 2000-2001
Debbie Wade Dare to Soar - Dream, Believe, Achieve, Celebrate 2001-2002
Peggy Hudson TESA - The Wings of Change 2002-2003
Irma Graham Ford TESA.- A Beacon of Opportunities 2003-2004
Linda Sockwell TESA Unleashing Potential 2004-2005
Jana Worthington TESA Growing with Pride and Purpose 2005-2006
Barbara Jennings TESA Deeply Rooted - Branching Out 2006-2007
Phyllis Hyden TESA Angels on Assignment-Empowering, Embracing, Educating 2007-2008
MaryAnn Hollingsworth TESA Achieving Excellence Hand in Hand 2008-2009
Gerald Wharton TESA Renewal-Wisdom-Loyalty 2009-2010
Wendy Klentzman Pearls of Wisdom and Knowledge 2010-2011
Sue Hand TESA An Ocean of Diversity 2011-2012
Pat Crawford TESA…Strong to the Core 2012-2013
Patti Walling TESA Your “RIDE” to Professional Success 2013-2014
Debbie McFadden Dream, Challenge, and Achieve 2014-2015
Dianne Lemons TESA The Keys to Professional Harmony 2015-2016
Lisa E. Gonzalez TESA A Winning Team 2016-2017
Teena Hancock TESA...In The Waves of Change We Find True Direction 2017-2018
Darcy Blackstock TESA...Believe - Bless - Become 2018-2019


*  Deceased